What is teething?

Teething is when your baby’s teeth start moving underneath their gums and coming through.

What is teething?

When will my baby start teething?

Some babies start teething at three months, and others start at a year. At six months in the average, and carry on until they are about three years old. Girls usually get their teeth before boys.

Teething pains

As the roots of their teeth grow, they push the edges of the teeth through the gums. This can be painful, and babies usually suffer most with their first teeth as the sensation is new, and with their molars because of their size.

Signs your baby is teething:

  • They become more fussy and clingy and are crying more at night.
  • They are dribbling a lot.
  • They have an urge to bite to try to ease the pain, so they’ve started chewing on their fingers.
  • Their cheeks are flushed.
  • Their temperature is slightly raised (but not above 39°C, which indicates a fever).
  • Their gums are swollen and red.
  • They are demanding the breast or bottle more (or they may reject the breast or bottle because their gums hurt).
  • Their appetite is poor.
  • They aren’t sleeping well.

How to help your teething baby?

  • Give them plenty of water to replace fluids lost through dribble.
  • Gently rub a teething gel or teething granules into their gums.
  • Give them a teething ring to chew on (the ones you can cool in the fridge are good).
  • Your doctor may recommend infant pain relievers - seek their advice before ever giving any medicine to your baby.
  • Apply a barrier cream to their chin, neck and chest to stop them getting sore from dribbling.
  • Distract them with lots of hugs or something with which to play.
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When am I due?

Not sure when your baby is due? Use the handy Bebecare's Due Date Calculator to do the math for you! It gives you a useful guide to when your baby's likely to be born.

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