The importance of breakfast

After a good night’s sleep, your baby’s ready for a good breakfast that will keep them going until lunchtime. Don’t be tempted to give them what you’re having, as adult food often has added salt and sugar which isn’t suitable for them yet.

The importance of breakfast

Why your baby needs breakfast

During the night, your baby’s busy processing everything they learnt the day before, so it’s no wonder they wake up hungry. That little rumble in their tummy means it’s the perfect time to try something new – a different fruit, a lumpier texture or a cereal they’ve never tried before.

While it might be tempting to stick with something that your baby likes, different tastes and textures are important for their development. Variety will also help them get the wide range of nutrients they need.

Choose breakfast foods that have:

  • No added sugar – natural sugar from fruit, grains or milk is fine. Watch out for refined sugar.
  • No added salt – naturally occurring sodium is ok. Avoid added salt.
  • Important nutrients like iron and vitamin D – essential for their growth and development.

Breakfast inspiration

Once your baby’s mastered smooth purées, it’ll be time for more challenging textures:

  • Mashed or chopped fruit like cantaloupe, watermelon or peach.
  • Iron fortified cereals or fortified rice cereals.
  • Mashed banana with breast milk or fortified milk if breast milk is not available.
  • Apple and pear puree.
  • Avocado with apricot puree.
  • Sweet potato puree with breast milk and fortified milk if breast milk is not available.
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When am I due?

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