Weaning Step 3 - Meat, Fish And Carbs


At this stage, new foods and combinations will ensure that your baby is getting the right balance of all food groups. This will help to support his overall development. Here are examples of food groups and how they aid in your baby’s growth.


Iron aids cognitive development, which helps with processing information, learning languages and other psychological growth. Red meat, beans and green leafy vegetables are great sources of iron.


Calcium supports bone development. Sources of calcium include milk and cheese.


Meat, fish, beans and eggs are sources of protein, which is needed for growth and development.


B vitamins include folic acid and cobalamin. These vitamins help with the production of red blood cells and blood circulation, amongst other things – all promoting physical and mental development. B vitamins can be found in bread, fresh and dried fruit, eggs and fortified cereals.


Starchy carbohydrates like rice and potatoes provide energy to your baby, especially important when he’s ready to explore his environment and move around. What he eats is just as important as how he eats. Show your baby and set a good example, so he’ll develop healthy eating habits naturally.

7 ways to set a good example for your baby

  • 1

    Eat healthy in front of your baby

  • 2

    Look like you’re enjoying your food, even when you’re not

  • 3

    Stick with what he likes and is comfortable with, until he wants to try new foods

  • 4

    Cook all raw ingredients thoroughly, especially meat, fish and eggs

  • 5

    It can take 8-10 tries before he learns to like something new, so be patient

  • 6

    Avoid food that has been processed

  • 7

    Don’t use sauces and other condiments, because they have too much salt


Fish is highly nutritious, but please make sure you entirely de-bone any fish as well as meat before you prepare your baby’s meal. If you don’t want to do it yourself you can ask your butcher to do it for you. Also de-skin the fish and meat and trim off the fat. Lean mincemeat has already been prepared with less fat, but some meats will need your attention. Simply cut as much fat as you can off the meat, before cooking it. When it comes to fresh fish that hasn’t been packaged already, make sure you remove all bones, skin and excess fat.


The following recipes are best served to your 8–10-month old. Once cooked, these dishes can be frozen and then reheated when you need them.
Carrot and Chicken
Carrot And Lamb Hotspot
Sweet Potato And Bean Bake

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If you think your baby is experiencing symptoms that indicate a food allergy, please ask your paediatrician for advice.

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