Establishing a routine

Establishing a routine
Establishing a routine

A routine is important for you and your baby. It gives them stability and helps you plan out your day. However, newborns eat and sleep when their bodies need it, so you'll need to follow their lead to begin with.

Establishing a routine

Telling night from day

During the early stages you can teach your baby the difference between night and day. By dimming the lights and talking to them softly at night, and being lively with them during the day, they'll soon notice the difference.

Watching daily patterns

By watching your baby you'll soon recognise daily patterns. These may change from day to day to begin with but gradually they'll change from week to week, then every two weeks.

Every baby has their own pattern and it's important to watch how their habits relate to each other. If something seems wrong, it could be because their natural pattern has been interrupted. Often, if they're feeding well and at regular intervals, everything falls back into place.

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    Your feeding routine

    To make the most of this special time, choose a comfy chair, get yourself a glass of water and have a muslin square toat hand for burping your baby.

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    Happy nappy changes

    Have a stack of nappies, baby wipes, cotton wool, nappy cream, and nappy bags next to your changing mat. A toy can entertain your baby.

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    Bedtime bliss

    A soothing bath and bedtime story can help them understand it's time to sleep. Soft lighting in the nursery is perfect for night-time feeds.

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