Signs of Baby Reflux and Practical Tips

Baby reflux
Baby reflux

Up to 20% of babies have symptomatic reflux, which often involves bringing up their milk feeds. Although it’s a bit of a worry to begin with, it’s very common and most babies grow out of it by the time they’re one year old.

Signs of Baby Reflux and Practical Tips

What causes baby reflux?

Baby reflux happens when the valve between the oesophagus and stomach isn’t strong enough to stop food from coming back up. As this valve gets stronger, your baby’s chances of getting reflux will decrease.

If your baby has reflux, they may bring up their milk on a regular basis. It can also make them cough, give them a sore throat, or they may just seem unsettled.

Practical tips for reflux

  • Burp/wind your baby before, during and after feeding
  • Make sure you hold your baby in vertical position while feeding
  • Keep your baby upright for half an hour after feeding
  • Avoid over-feeding and feed smaller amounts more frequently
  • Try holding your baby in a different position to feed
  • Make sure their nappy and clothes aren’t too tight
  • For bottlefeed babies, allow your baby to stop naturally rather than trying to finish the entire bottle

When to speak to your doctor

  • If the frequency and volume of reflux increases
  • If your baby is not gaining weight normally
  • If your baby cries excessively after a feed
  • If they vomit regularly
  • If coughing becomes a regular occurrence
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