Newborn spit up after a feed

Bringing up milk after a feed
Bringing up milk after a feed

It’s quite common for babies to bring up a little milk, often with wind, during or after a feed. However, it can be unnerving if you’re not used to it. It’s usually nothing to worry about, just have a muslin cloth to hand for any spillages.

Newborn spit up after a feed

Is it normal for them to bring up milk?

As long as your baby’s growing well and thriving, there’s no need to worry about them bringing up a small amount of milk after a feed.

It’s quite normal and usually not enough to affect their nutritional intake. However, if they bring up a lot, then you need to ask your doctor.

How long will they do this for?

This pattern usually lasts until they’re about six months old. At around this time you’ll be introducing your baby to solid food, so they’ll start wanting less milk. You might want to swap your pile of muslin cloths for bibs, as things will get even messier!

What can I do to help?

  • Be extra-gentle when you handle and wind your baby
  • Keep them upright for around 20 minutes or more after breastfeeding
  • Try to avoid changing their nappy when their stomach is full
  • Try giving them smaller feeds more frequently
  • Ask your health visitor for advice if you’re worried about the amount of milk they’re bringing up
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