Preparing baby food

Preparing baby food
Preparing baby food

Preparing your own baby food can be lots of fun. But there are a few things to consider before you get started. From food hygiene to food storage, find out which foods are safe for babies, how to prepare meals and store them safely.

Preparing baby food

Foods to avoid

When starting to wean at 6 months, avoid:

  • Soft and unpasteurised cheese
  • Foods containing gluten (wheat-based bread or cereals)
  • Nuts
  • Fish
  • Eggs

Safe food preparation

  • Always wash your hands before preparing food
  • Clean all surfaces used to prepare and serve your baby’s food
  • Use clean kitchen equipment, like chopping boards, knives, utensils, hand blender
  • Wash your baby’s hands before and after eating
  • Wash their highchair and bibs regularly in hot soapy water

Serving food safely

If you re-heat food it should be to a high temperature hot. Then let it cool down and carefully feed it to your baby, by dabbing a little bit on the inside of your wrist. It should feel warm, not hot.

Frozen food should be thoroughly defrosted before you reheat it. Let it thaw out in the fridge overnight. Never refreeze food that’s been defrosted. This applies to food made with frozen ingredients too, so avoid making big batches.

Storing food safely

  • Store batches of homemade food in ice cube trays or small pots with lids
  • Let hot food cool down before chilling or freezing it – ideally for 90 minutes
  • Store what you’ll use within 24 hours in the fridge and freeze the rest
  • Throw away leftovers from your baby’s bowl. Bacteria from their spoon can multiply
  • Store shop bought baby food in the fridge once opened, and use within 24 hours
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1-to-1 expert advice

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