When to start weaning

When to start weaning
When to start weaning

When your baby is six months old, they may show signs that they're ready to start weaning. Every baby is different and the signs of weaning vary from one baby to another.

When to start weaning

Is your baby ready to start weaning?

As your little wriggler becomes increasingly active, they’ll need more than just milk to fuel their adventures. However, an increased appetite doesn’t always mean they’re ready for solid food.

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At around six months old, a lot of babies go through a growth spurt, which can make them seem hungrier than usual. It’s important not to confuse this with the real signs of weaning because their digestive system might not be able to cope with solids yet – no matter how puréed they are.

Signs to look out for:

  • They can swallow food – getting more in, than around, their mouth
  • They can sit up unaided and hold their head steady
  • Toys, TV remote, your phone… everything goes in, or near their mouth
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    Are they showing any signs?

    If they're ready to wean they'll be showing a combination of the signs above. If they're only showing one or two, it's best to wait, or check with your doctor first.

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    Teething or weaning?

    Sucking their fists and chewing on anything within their reach can be a sign of teething rather than weaning. So check with your doctor before you start to wean.

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    Is it a growth spurt?

    If they're hungrier than usual, your baby could be having a growth spurt. If this is the case, their appetite will go back to normal relatively quickly. So wait and see what happens.

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