The early signs of pregnancy

The early signs of pregnancy

The early signs of pregnancy are a result of the hormonal changes taking place in your body. There are many things to look out for, but the only way to be sure is to take a pregnancy test.

The early signs of pregnancy

  • 1

    Missed a period

    The most obvious sign of pregnancy is a missed period. So if you're unusually late, it's worth taking a pregnancy test. You can get a reliable positive result using a home pregnancy test from the first day of your missed period.

  • 2

    Morning sickness

    Morning sickness can happen at any time of the day or night. Some women experience feelings of nausea while others are physically sick. It can start a few days or weeks after conception, or you may be lucky and not experience it at all.

  • 3

    Going to the toilet a lot

    If you notice you're constantly running to the toilet, you could be pregnant. All of the hormonal changes your body goes through during the first trimester can make toilet stops more frequent.

  • 4

    Feeling exhausted

    One of the most common early signs of pregnancy is a feeling of complete exhaustion. This is due to a rise in progesterone levels in your body. If there's no other reason for you to be so tired, and you have missed a period, check to see if you're pregnant.

  • 5

    A funny taste in your mouth

    Some mums say they got a funny metallic taste in their mouth when they first became pregnant. Other women develop an unexpected dislike for things they usually have every day, like coffee, for example.

  • 6

    Changes to your breasts

    The skin around your nipples is called your areola. If it becomes noticeably darker and bigger, it could be a sign that you're pregnant.

  • 7

    Unexpected bleeding or cramps

    Your fertilised egg will travel from your fallopian tubes to your uterus where it'll grow. This is known as implantation and happens between weeks three and four. There can be side effects, including cramps and some light spotting that's red, pink or brown in colour.

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