Things to buy for new baby in advance

Baby things to buy in advance

Just because your baby means the world, doesn’t mean they have to cost you the earth. Here are the absolute essentials.

Things to buy for new baby in advance


Get ready for up to 12 nappy changes – a day! You'll also need a baby changing mat, toiletries and a baby changing bag for when you leave the house. A baby-changing station at home means you won’t have to bend over so much.


Baby clothing essentials include a minimum of six all in one baby suits as well as vests, some socks, a couple of cardigans, a little hat, some mittens (in case they have scratchy nails) and tops with poppers – so much easier for quick changes!


Invest in some good nursing bras and breast pads. If you want to express your breast milk, you’ll also need a breast pump and storage containers.


A baby's skin is delicate and they can be slippery when wet, so try some specific baby wash instead of soap and shampoo. You can buy a baby bath but a washing-up bowl is equally fine!


You needn't buy a cot yet. A ‘Moses’ basket or the carrycot from a pram will do, especially as you'll probably want to keep moving your baby around the house with you. A listening monitor is also a very useful tool when you're in another room, as well as a thermometer to check the room temperature.


If you do get a pram or pushchair make sure it’s designed to let your baby lie flat, to protect their growing back.

Car seat

If your baby's born in the hospital, a car seat helps you to take them home safely. To save money, look out for seat models that last from newborn to 4 years. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction for fitting the seat securely and safely.

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