week 37 pregnancy


Not long to go now and you may be experiencing a bit of a meltdown! Lots of mums talk about feeling hot during their late pregnancy.

week 37 pregnancy

Your baby's development during 37 weeks of pregnancy

If your baby's an average weight, they'll probably be around 6lb by now. Because they now have less and less room to move around, their movements may feel more like squirming than kicking. Your baby's face is filling out, and now has eyelashes. Their neck is thickening and their eyelids can now open and close easily. Your baby is about 49cm long.

You and your baby during 37 weeks of pregnancy

You may feel the urge to do some DIY, spring clean or just plump-up a few pillows in time for the birth – but not all mums-to-be experience this ‘nesting' urge. Just be careful in whatever you are doing and don't overdo it! Be cautious of the fumes from paint and it's also best to also avoid climbing ladders as your balance is affected during pregnancy. You'll probably also be feeling hot in this stage of late pregnancy, because your body is now working extremely hard to carry all the extra weight around and sustain the life inside you. As a result, you have more blood circulating and are burning more calories. Need to cool off? You could try:

  • Putting a gel mask in the fridge until cold and then relaxing for a while with it over your eyes
  • Holding your wrists in the sink under cold running water
  • Keeping a mini-fan or water spray in your handbag for cooling down on the move
  • Drinking lots of water – sweating will dehydrate you quickly

Did you know?

Even if your baby is born now, at week 37 pregnancy, they will still be considered full term. This applies if you're expecting twins too, so by now they are safe to enter the big wide world!

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