Natural Defenses And Allergy Prevention

Babies learn about new things by picking them up and tasting them. This is a natural part of growing up, and in most cases, your baby will pick up bacteria that is not harmful. However, in some cases, germs and other disease-causing substances can get in. The tummy plays an important role in fighting diseases and preventing allergies.


Allergies happen when the immune system rejects a safe nutrient and starts to attack the body. This happens more often in babies, as the immune system is not yet fully developed. The tummy is the largest immune organ in the body, hosting your baby's own little army of disease-fighting immune cells. In addition to fighting germs, these cells also decide which substances are harmful and which are safe. This function is very important in strengthening your baby’s immunity and preventing allergies. Healthy gut microbiota helps the immune system to develop, so the immune system will not react in a hyperactive manner to safe nutrients.


The immune system in the tummy protects your baby against diseases. Healthy tummy microbiota forms a layer covering the wall of the tummy. This extra layer acts as a barrier against disease-causing germs, by leaving no space on the tummy wall for germs to grow. This is how friendly bacteria contribute to protecting babies against infection.
Now that you know of the importance of tummy microbiota, you can help maintain your baby’s well-being by playing a more active part in his tummy health!


Inside every baby’s tummy lives trillions of good bacteria that help breakdown the food and support easy digestion.
The tummy has to break down different types of foods and make sure that each nutrient is being absorbed and ready to be used to support physical and mental development.
The tummy and the brain talk to each other all the time! The brain uses this information to monitor conditions inside the tummy in order to help keep your baby contented.
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