Practical information and tips for mealtimes

Practical information and tips for mealtimes
Practical information and tips for mealtimes

Throwing their food and refusing to be spoon-fed can make mealtimes challenging. As your toddler starts to assert their independence, letting them choose what they want to eat and making food fun can help things go more smoothly.

Practical information and tips for mealtimes

Plan regular mealtimes

Routine is important for young children, so keep to regular meal and snack times. Every day you should aim for three meals and two or three healthy snacks. Don't plan these just before a nap as they may be too tired to eat.

While hydration is important, avoid offering too many drinks in between meals as this can fill them up. Remember, your toddler knows when they're hungry and full, so let them be your guide – the amount they eat should even out across the day.

Fun mealtimes tips

  • Use cookie cutters to cut bread into different shapes
  • Choose foods with interesting textures and shapes
  • Make smiley faces using different food for different features
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    Let them choose

    Toddlers love being part of the decision-making process. Let them choose what they want to eat and pick out a healthy ingredients at the supermarket. At home, if you're preparing food just for your baby, try to offer them a choice between two healthy options.

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    Involve them

    If they're too young to help with the preparation, let your toddler watch you peel, chop and cook the food.

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    Treat them like an individual

    If they like green food on the yellow plate, let them have it! Appearance can make the difference between eating or not.

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