Inside every baby’s tummy lives trillions of good bacteria that help breakdown the food and support easy digestion. The different types of friendly bacteria make up a diverse community of bacteria known as the tummy microbiota. This community develops over time, but never stays the same; yet its foundations are known to be established in early life.

The tummy microbiota is the leader of the orchestera

A mature tummy is like an orchestra, with many different bacteria and enzymes performing different functions, working together in harmony. At birth, your baby’s tummy can perform some vital functions, but is far from being fully developed.

The tummy, which is made up of the stomach and the intestines, is responsible for the digestion and absorption of nutrients present in foods that are essential for healthy physical growth and brain development. But the tummy does more than just digestion! It also helps protect your baby from diseases by strengthening his immunity, and works with the brain to regulate his mood and keep him happy.

For the first two years of life, the different parts of baby’s tummy should foster a balanced diversity and learn to work together harmoniously.

Healthy Food for a Healthy Tummy Microbiota

A healthy diet ensures a healthy and diverse tummy microbiota. Breastmilk contains friendly bacteria from the mother, as well as prebiotics. There are many kinds of prebiotics in breastmilk, and each one helps support a different type of bacteria in your baby’s tummy. Introducing healthy foods like vegetables and cereals rich in prebiotics encourage a healthy and diverse tummy microbiota in your baby’s tummy. It’s important to encourage the growth of the friendly bacteria in your baby’s tummy. That way, they can continue helping the tummy maintain your baby’s health and well-being.

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