1. Does your child say hi, bye, and please?
2. Does your child spontaneously start looking for hidden objects?
3. Does your child attempt to role play simple actions they have previously seen?
4. Does your child imitate a pretend play action (e.g. giving a drink) or demonstrate play related to their body (e.g. sleeping, eating)?
5. Does your child verbalize their desires/feelings (e.g. ‘I want a drink’)?
6. Does your child treat dolls or teddies as if they are alive?
7. Does your child play beside other children?
8. Has your child begun to use symbols in play such as a stick becoming a sword?
9. Does your child engage in play themes which reflect less frequently experienced life events (e.g. visiting the doctor)?
10. Does your family set time aside to play together in whatever your child chooses?
11. Do you speak with your child throughout the day, describing what you are doing and seeing?
12. Do you have established family routines with your child, such as going out to the park and having dinner as a family?

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