4 Key Factors That Impact Tummy Health

Doctors know that more than 50% of babies will encounter tummy issues early in life, as a result of the immaturity of tummy functions and the development of Tummy microbiota, the friendly bacteria living in the tummy. In most cases this is just normal and does not require medical treatment. However, there are ways to proactively support your baby’s tummy health in order to prevent those discomforts as much as possible or reduce them when they occur.


The mode of delivery will set up the baby’s tummy microbiota. Your baby will come into contact with a lot of bacteria during natural delivery. These friendly bacteria are the foundation for your baby’s tummy health.


It is important to breastfeed exclusively for at least six months. Breast milk contains friendly bacteria, as well as prebiotics which promote the growth of friendly bacteria.


Introduction of solid food at six months helps in the growth of balanced gut microbiota. Including probiotics and prebiotics also helps develop the microbiota, friendly bacteria that keeps the tummy healthy.


A wide variety of foods and proper hydration with water will provide all the nutrition that your baby needs for his growth, and also encourage a rich and diverse gut microbiota, the friendly bacteria that keeps the tummy healthy.
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