Bebelac 2

From 6 months to 12 months, in addition to relying on his milk, your baby needs complimentary food in order to get the nutrients needed to continue to grow and develop. If you are unable to breastfeed, it's good to know that Bebelac 2 with PreciNutri offers your baby with the precise nutrition tailored for each stage of his development. The nutrient levels in Bebelac 2 comply with the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

Bebelac 2 PreciNutri contains:

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Is your child almost 1 year old?

Between 1-3 years old, toddlers need up to five times more nutrients per kg of weight than adults do. Food is the main source of nutrients, and with the support of growing-up milk, toddlers meet their required nutritional intake. Bebelac Junior 3 with PreciNutri provides valued nutrition with adequate levels of Iron, Vitamin D and other nutrients that support your toddler's brain as well as physical development. The nutrient levels in Bebelac Junior 3 comply with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Available in vanilla taste.
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